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Waterstones processes all sales on account in two ways:

  • Purchase orders and quotations – only in dedicated order processing centres called Regional Account Centres (RAC’s); PO’s received in shops that are not order processing centres will be forwarded to an RAC for fulfilment
  • Stock picks (in-store selection of stock) - welcomed in in any Waterstones shop


As such it's important to ensure your system is set up to have the Regional Account Centre that you are primarily using, as the addressee on your purchase orders. This location will become your point of purchase with reference to all purchase orders placed.


Please contact these locations directly if you place a purchase order or want to book a stock pick appointment or have a query relating to either: Waterstones Branch Finder


If you need assistance with where to place your purchase orders, please contact


If you need assistance with credit account administration (applications, credit limits, contract/framework terms, statements, etc.) please contact