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Waterstones Account Sales maintains credit facilities for over 20k customers including schools, colleges, Universities, libraries, businesses, government agencies & departments, hospitals, prisons, charities and other institutions. Waterstones branches do not offer an account facility for individuals but our Hatchards branch in Piccadilly does have a separate account facility for individuals who purchase £250 or more annually. Their account service for individuals can only be used at their location. Visit here for further details.

Each online Account Sales customer is required to have a primary accountholder who is responsible for registering and managing the account, adding other authorised users and adding, editing or approving all delivery addresses. The primary accountholder and authorised users can place and cancel orders and raise returns authorisation requests.

Each Account Sales customer that will be purchasing in-store needs to nominate a preferred branch for in-store purchases. This applies to both new account applications and registration of existing accounts online. Please type the full store name as we have more than one Waterstones branch in many localities.

Existing as well as new account holders need to complete the details below. Existing account holders will need to have your account number at hand.

Once your application has been accepted we will send you full details of your account. Waterstones uses credit referencing agencies to ensure the integrity of all accounts. You will receive email notification as to the outcome of your credit application form.

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